A safe haven for Kenya’s “Forgotten Ones”

Welcome to Ebenezer Children’s Home, the place of love, safety and nurturance for the street orphans of Nairobi. What began as one man’s vision 10 years ago has blossomed into a sanctuary of acceptance, healing and hope. Five acres devoted to tending to the needs of abandoned children. Dedicated people devoting their lives to caring for those who have been left behind – victims of circumstance and ignorance. Ebenezer Children’s Home is not a place of loss or sadness, but rather a welcome ray of warmth, a spark to light the way – a testament that one person can have a tremendous impact on many lives. That the action of a few can alter the course for many, opening doors, fulfilling dreams. It is a place of laughter and learning – of joy and faith and hope for the future. A place where there are no boundaries on what can be achieved. Join us on our journey of love as we reach out to the world – opening our hearts and extending our hands together to create a net woven with the threads of a bright and happy future for all of the children who walk through our gates and into our lives.

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“Children are living jewels dropped unsustained from Heaven”
Robert Pollok (1798-1827)
Scottish poet